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Thriive Capital

ThriiveCapital has built shared prosperity in emerging economies since 2010 by helping small businesses to create jobs, train unskilled workers, and donate basic necessities to their communities.

ThriiveCapital provides pay-it-forward financing for production equipment to ambitious small business entrepreneurs, helping to expand their businesses and create desperately needed new jobs. ThriiveCapital loans are not repaid in cash, but instead “paid forward” to vulnerable community members through interest-free, equal-value job trainings or donations designed to relieve poverty.

Alongside their ThriiveCapital loans, entrepreneurs benefit from free mentorship and business consulting services from our in-country partners. Entrepreneurs expand their traditional business management skills while learning the ethical and economic value of treating their employees well and embracing more sustainable business practices.

The majority of entrepreneurs are so inspired by the impact their donations have on others that they continue giving, transforming themselves from someone in need to someone whose donations fortify their communities. In this way, business growth becomes tied to becoming socially responsible–turning small business into a sustainable force for good!

How Does Thriive work?

Watch this 2-minute video from Thriive Nicaragua to find out.

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