SK2 Story

SK2 Fund is a family-run foundation whose name has multiple layers of meaning. The simplest explanation is that “SK” represents the initials of the founding families, with the “2” representing the next generation of those families now leading the way forward.

The “2” also represents the next generation of an operating foundation formerly known as Thriive, a name that still adorns our core pay-it-forward small business loan program.

More substantively, the “2” represents our commitment to the next generation of progressive foundation management practices, including an integrated capital approach. We pledge to deepen equitable relationships with our program, investment, and grantee partners through co-design of program activities and investment terms to ensure that the needs of their communities, beneficiaries, and customers are prioritized.

In our logo, the green arrow between the “SK” and the “2” is our north star, inspiration to always keep pushing towards a more equitable and sustainable world in all that we do.