SK2 Fund, Creative capital for people and planet

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  • SK2 Fund, Creative capital for people and planet

    The proverbial elephant in the room when it comes to talking about endowment impact portfolios is public equities—commonly traded stocks and bonds. With few exceptions, most foundation endowments are overwhelmingly comprised of them. Even the small minority of impact-focused foundation endowments often hold significant allocations of public equities, including SK2, but we are steadily…

  • SK2 Fund, Creative capital for people and planet

    Until last year, our charitable work focused on supporting disadvantaged and underserved entrepreneurs internationally (and much of it still does). But over the years, people often asked us why we don’t do the same here in the US? We would mostly respond: the need is so much greater and our scarce dollars go so…

  • In theory, impact investment balances positive social and environmental returns with competitive profits to investors. But mandating competitive profits for investors often reduces the potential social and environmental impact of investees. What if the focus shifted from maximizing profit to maximizing impact, or profiting only modestly enough to make the financial investment sustainable?